The Start of a New Adventure

Today is March 1.

It is the beginning of a new month.

A fresh start.

Every few weeks we have the opportunity close out one month and start again.

For me, January was yoga.

February was paperwork and preparation.

March will be writing.

Writing is scary and personal. You have to bare a little bit of your soul and lay vulnerable to the world. We ask our students to do it each and every day, yet we hide behind our lesson plans. We are busy! “Who has the time?” we say to ourselves. As a literacy coach, I encourage my teachers to write but even I rarely make time for it myself. I have always wanted to, but it is so easy to make excuses. As the wise Dr. Seuss advises, “Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting so get on your way!”

Every great adventure starts with a little bit of apprehension, just like this pick up truck ride through the mountains to Semuc Champey in Guatemala. (I imagine I will write about that crazy slice of life in the upcoming days.) That adventure turned out to be worth all of the apprehension. So let’s see where this adventure of writing will take me!


I am excited to be joining this community of writers as part of the Slice of Life Challenge 2018 on the Two Writing Teachers blog.


22 thoughts on “The Start of a New Adventure

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  1. Welcome!! You are so right – it is scary!! I was so nervous last year when I started my first SOL, but I loved it. It’s still scary and personal this year, but I know it’ll be worth it!

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  2. Welcome! You’re right–it is scary and personal and just a tiny bit time-consuming. But so, so worth it. πŸ™‚ This is a great, supportive community to trust with your whatever you choose to share of your soul. I look forward to more (and…what does a literacy coach do?) slices from you!


  3. You want scary, walk into a classroom full of 8th graders, that’s scary! πŸ™‚ This is a piece of cake when it comes to some of the stuff we do and see on a daily basis! I love the fact that you are here and can tell your story with us. So please, pull up a chair, a glass of your favorite adult beverage, and enjoy the storytelling that will happen all around you.

    Thanks for joining us with this awesome first slice! πŸ™‚


  4. Welcome! Love the photo you posted… so appropriate for this new venture. It’s my thinking that writing is always personal even when it isn’t about yourself. Here’s to your first slice and the 30 that will follow!

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  5. Welcome! This is such a great challenge, and what you say about teachers as writers is absolutely true. My writing instruction is so much stronger because I do write. Have fun this month, and look for the slices that surround you each day!


    1. Thanks! I have so enjoyed reading other posts today. I look forward to learning from this community!


  6. I, too, understand the apprehensiveness, wondering if I can maintain a daily writing ritual. How true that our writing makes us vulnerable. I confess that I, too hid behind lesson plans and essays to grade many times while I was teaching. I look forward to hearing more about Guatemala!


  7. Your first slice’s photos have wetted my appetite. I’ll be back more this month to enjoy more! And you are right – writing is a hard thing. At least here, we all get that and can offer support so like your drive it also will be worth it!

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  8. Your thought about baring one’s soul resonated with me. Being a learner and putting ourselves in our students’ shoes through this act of writing, helps us to grow. I believe each time something is a bit difficult or stretches our comfort zone, we grow. I look forward to reading about the Semuc Champey.

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  9. Welcome!
    Your idea of each month taking on a theme intrigues me- I’ll have to consider that in my own life.
    But definitely March is for writing! I enjoyed your piece and look forward to hearing more about the Guatemalan adventures, your work/coaching stories, and more.
    And I just love your blog title- Read, Write, Travel, Repeat! Its like a little poem in itself.


    1. I have to admit that a friend helped me name my blog. Joining this challenge was a last minute impulse decision and I didn’t even have a blog until yesterday. I also have to give credit of the monthly fresh start to my principal. He celebrates the first of every month, sometimes just with a positive email and sometimes he cooks the whole staff breakfast. It really helps us keep positive throughout the year when we get to start over on the first of the month.


  10. Love the inclusion of many mini lesson teaching points in the above post. Quotes! Expression! Dialogue to bring the characters to life! So so glad to have one more place to share life with you, and connect. So looking forward to more!


  11. I feel you need to have the skill to say a lot in few words! You have that skill! This post is straight to the point and so “wide” at the same time. It tells a lot and describes your resilience even when there are moments that are not your favorite! Everything will be ok! Loved it!

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  12. What you wrote here is so true! We are vulnerable when we write, and sometimes, we bare a lot our souls. Maybe, that is why I feel it so relieving and relaxing, because it is a chance for me to say in a different way what I cannot say in a one-on-one conversation, or probably Yes!

    I love how focused you are! I wish I could say what each month will be all about for me this year.

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