Fries and Maple Syrup

“Where should we go next?” Ashley asked. Dustin was still scrolling through his phone, as usual. He wasn’t being anti-social. He was researching. He is a thorough researcher and the success of all of our trips can be attributed to these efforts. “How about Biergarten? It looks good.” Dustin showed us the pics he found,... Continue Reading →

Give Yourself Permission

My colleague was standing in my office doorway and we were sharing bits of our day, mostly frustrations. Our responsibilities and the requirements of our time seem to be multiplying exponentially at a pace that’s going so fast I can barely see the items being added to my to-do list. I was sharing a little... Continue Reading →

The Road to Minimalism

Recently I wrote a post about what I might title the chapters of my life. This slice is a story (not a "band-aid" today!) from a memory from one of those chapters.      I took a breath and looked around from the doorway of the one car garage. It was dark with cobwebs in... Continue Reading →

My Take on Grief

Someone once said “Grief does not change you. It reveals you.” That is simply a lie. Or at least that’s not my experience. Grief takes you apart. It tears you from the seams and leaves you open and bleeding. You can pick yourself up and put yourself back together. But you are changed. The seams... Continue Reading →

The Chapters of My Life

What would the chapters of your life be called? Elena Aguilar poses this question in her newest book (or maybe the accompanying workbook) Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience. Here are the chapters of my life, so far, of course. The Chapters of My Life The One and Only Perfect Peaches in the Heat Mountains and the... Continue Reading →

My Bedroom Windows

Tonight I made beef and noodles which is a dinner my mom used to make at least a couple of times a month. It smelled and tasted like my childhood which made me think of some other little memories that led me to write about my bedroom windows.     My Bedroom Windows On the... Continue Reading →

Seeker of Silence

I’m posting my writing later and later each day. I go through my day thinking about writing and just feeling like I didn’t know what to write. And so I put it off as though going through the motions of my day will make a topic magically appear. I know I should sit down and... Continue Reading →

Late Night Haiku

Only a few words, all after a busy day. Too late to write now. This is day 7 of the March Slice of Life Story Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.

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