Rediscovered Note

I unfolded the notebook paper. With no marks on the outside I couldn't remember what it was. It could be anything in this old box. As I pulled up the top corner, familiar handwriting came into view. It was a letter from a former colleague and friend, written at the end of my precious time... Continue Reading →



I work in the curriculum office a very large international school. The school is so big that I haven't been able to really get to know the teachers or the teams very well. I don't feel part of any of the teams. I do a lot of work alone in my office. Today however I... Continue Reading →

Building a Culture of Reading

Reading at home is cultural. Some families do not read, there are no books in the home, but they tell stories and play games. Other families sit down together every night and everyone reads something. Many families are a mix of both. What happens when a school is full of students whose families don't identify... Continue Reading →

Elevator Buttons

Sometimes there are small things that carry a little extra significance. Lately it's been elevator buttons. It's that moment after I step into the small box and the door slides shut. I turn and look at the familiar set of buttons. All elevators have them.  It should be automatic and I shouldn't have to think... Continue Reading →


"I don't think it's going to fit." I looked at the four large suitcases and two men next to me then into the small elevator. "Sure it will," my principal, Joe, replied with impressive enthusiasm for 11:45 at night. We piled in with all of the suitcases and backpacks, all of our belongings that we... Continue Reading →

Rainy Season Arrived

There's something about rainy season in Guatemala City. It's 70 degrees year round. But it varies just a bit during the year to account for human nature's inclination to adapt and forget how to appreciate what you have. When the rainy season ends in November it gets colder and colder. Until it evens out in... Continue Reading →

PD – Give It a Go!

Last month I attended a whole staff (P-12) faculty meeting about school safety. Our head of security reviewed the updated procedures and alarm sounds for lockdown and evacuation. Then we did something different. We headed back to our classrooms to practice, just teachers, no students. One of the alarms would sound and then we had... Continue Reading →

A Ride on Balloons

Two balloons, purple and yellow and covered in white stars, tailed behind him as he gripped the end of the string in his hand. "Wooooo!" he called, vying for a bit of attention. "Anyone want to take a ride on my balloons?" he asked me. "That sounds like an adventure! Where are you going on your balloons?"... Continue Reading →

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